Top 10 Best 18-Inch Chainsaw Chains in 2021 Reviews

A chain saw is as good as its chains. It is therefore important to have the best chainsaw chains if you want superior performance. However, with the numerous chainsaw chains in the market, picking the best can be quite a hassle. But do not worry, we have analyzed and identified the top 10 best 18 chainsaw chains. Take a look at the top 10 best 18-inch chainsaw chains in 2021 reviews below and pick the one that suits your needs the most.

10. UpStart Components 3-Pack 18″ Semi Chisel Saw Chain for Poulan 4218 Chainsaws

10. UpStart Components 3-Pack 18

With a low profile, 62 drive links, and 0.050″ Gauge, this chains will transform your chainsaw into the tool it is meant to be. It is also engineered for balance, safety and precision for efficient cutting. Moreover, the reduced vibration levels ensure greater user comfort and consistent cuts. Furthermore, it is made from high quality material for increased durability. Besides, it is very easy to set it up on your chainsaw.

9. 18″ 3/8″ Pitch 0.05″ 62DL Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain Blade for Poulan Homelite

9. 18

The 18 inch semi chisel chainsaw chain fits P-oulan, P-oulan Pro, H-omelite as well as other chainsaw models. It features 62 drive links, 0.050 inches gauge, and 3/8″ Pitch profile. In addition, it is made of high quality allow steel that is hardened through quenching for high tensile resistance and increased durability. Furthermore, it is easy to install.

8. Echo 91PX62CQ Chainsaw Chain, 18″

8. Echo 91PX62CQ Chainsaw Chain, 18

This chainsaw chain is compatible with different 18 inch Echo chainsaws. It is a low profile chain with 62 drive links and 3/8″ pitch. Moreover, it is made from genuine parts hence performs quite well and is long lasting. You will enjoy its cutting ability. Furthermore, it is very easy to install on chainsaws.

7. Stihl 26RS 74 Chainsaw Chain Rapid Super 18″ Bar, .325, Pitch, .063 Gauge

7. Stihl 26RS 74 Chainsaw Chain Rapid Super 18

Enjoy superior cutting performance with this quality 18 chainsaw chain with 0.325 pitch and 0.063 gauge. Moreover, since it is made from quality material, it is long lasting and does not require frequent sharpening. It also perfectly fits 18 inch bar Stihl Chainsaw Farm Series models. In addition, you do not need to touch the chains after every few cord, making it even more convenient.

6. Poulan Pro 18″ Replacement Chain Fits Craftsman – 2 Pack – Yellow Color Match

6. Poulan Pro 18

With 0.050 gauge and 3/8 inch pitch, this chain is masterfully designed for excellent cutting work. It is also very durable since it is made from premium quality components. As well, it is easy to install and fits perfectly on 18 inch chain saw. It is therefore a great replacement for those used chains helping you continue to use your tool as if it was new. You will also use it for quite a while before it needs sharpening.

5. 2 PACK 18″ 71-3619 S62 OREGON CHAINSAW CHAIN – Craftsman Poulan

5. 2 PACK 18

The chains perfectly fits an 18 inch bar and feature 0.325 pitch, 62 drive links and 0.058 gauge. Also, you get 2 chains for every purchase giving you more value for your money. Moreover, they cut nice and stays sharp hence you do not worry about sharpening. Besides, they are made of quality components hence last long.

4. Maxpower 2 Pack Replacement Chains for 18 Inch Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Poulan and Other saws S62

4. Maxpower 2 Pack Replacement Chains for 18 Inch Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Poulan and Other saws S62

Get these 0.050 inch gauge, 0.325 pitch and 62 drive links semi-chisel chain for an amazing cutting job. The low-profile design and the self-oiling centric-lube drive link make these quality chains. Besides, you get two chains with each purchase giving you more value. The chains are also long lasting and easy to install.

3. Trilink Saw Chain CL15062X2TL2 18″ Twin Pack S62

3. Trilink Saw Chain CL15062X2TL2 18

This quality 18 inch chainsaw chain features chromed cutters for quick and smooth cutting as well as a low profile design for increased durability and safety. As well, centri-lube self-oiling drive links reduce stretch. It is also rust resistant further increasing its life span. Furthermore, it is compatible with many Echo, Craftsman, Homelite, McCulloch, Poulan, Shindaiwa and Husqvarna chainsaw models.

2. Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch H30-72 (95VP) Pixel Saw Chain, .325-Inch by .050-Inch

2. Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch H30-72 (95VP) Pixel Saw Chain, .325-Inch by .050-Inch

This chainsaw chain assures high performance with low vibration making it ideal for demanding conditions. It features 0.325 inch pitch and 0.050 inch gauge as well as durable construction from quality components. Moreover, with its anti-kickback design, the chain holds onto edges very well with little stretching. In addition, it is extremely easy to install and works for quite some time before needing sharpening.

1. Oregon S62 AdvanceCut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain Fits Craftsman, Homelite, Poulan

1. Oregon S62 AdvanceCut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain Fits Craftsman, Homelite, Poulan

It is designed for fast and precision cutting with minimum kickback and low vibration. Also, the quality construction featuring hard-chromed and heated treated cutter chain ensure increased durability. The chain is also easy to install and maintain. You are therefore assured good chip flow, smooth cutting action safe use. Furthermore, it is compatible with most Craftsman, Homelite and Poulan chainsaws with 3/8 in. pitch.
These are the top 10 best 18 chainsaw chains in 2021 reviews. We have highlighted the main features of each unit to make your selection easier. In addition, the chains we included here are those that are rated well by current users. You are therefore assured of the quality of any of these chainsaw chains.